Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two Things I Love Today

Thing I Love No. 1- Sarah's House

Sarah's House is the best home design show on television.

It's beautiful. Sarah is so talented and likeable. She shops second-hand and at Ikea. Tommy is hillarious (thanks to Tommy, even Kelly enjoys watching it). And best of all, Sarah's sense of style is completely in-line with mine.

Here are several Sarah's House images that couldn't be more perfect.

Thing I Love No. 2- Ross Dress for Less

Speaking of home design, I went to Ross today and saw so many tasteful, well-designed home pieces that were 100% affordable.

Here's what I spied at Ross today-

Fantastic rug- $8

Pretty Frame- $6

Beautifully shapped vase- $6

Art that I would actually hang in my house- $13

And pretty glass beads that I couldn't resist!