Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines with Buck Jr.

I got Kelly one of these for Valentine's Day. Pretty romantic, eh?
He'd rather have an actual trophy on the wall, but I can't get that for him! (He wants to shoot it himself, with his own gun.) These are all things that I have always been adamantly NOT interested in. No guns in my house, thank you very much!

Believe it or not, this is where the romance comes in. . .

I went to my friend Lissa's house to see her new baby. Along with that cute, dark-headed baby boy, she has a trophy head and a gun already hanging up on her wall. We laughed about the things we never would have expected to be part of marriage. Who knew that 'happily-ever-after' might include a few trophy heads. Sure, I expected compromise-- just not guns!

I appreciate that Kelly goes out of his way to create my brand of happiness too. I'm sure he never pictured himself springing for a pretty vintage apron, or buying arranged flowers when they seem like such a waste compared to a plant-- with roots-- that won't die next week.

I love being married to Kelly!

I hope you enjoyed a happy Valentines Day, and maybe even some"romance"--- whatever that word means to you!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

President Wilson Goes to Washington

We have some sweet news to share today. . .

My Dad has been called to serve as mission president of the Washington Everett Mission. We are so excited for Dad, Mom and Nathan and Emily who get to go too! They will begin their service on July 1. Dad will be responsible for nearly 200 missionaries. (A LOT more than I had guessed!)

The 2010-2013 missionaries of the Washington Everett Mission are pretty lucky! My Dad has so much wisdom, and my Mom is so compassionate; they will certainly do an amazing job. I am excited to learn from their example and experiences from afar.

My family will be living just a few miles from Kelly's brother's family, so we will get to visit both at once for the next few years. I certainly can't complain about visiting the Seattle area more often!