Monday, June 29, 2009

Utah Reception

This is a "catch-up" post. I took a trip up to Utah in early June for Bryan and Aisling's Utah reception. My Mom did a lot of work and planning on her own for this one! So, I was glad that Jeni and I could both come to help with the implementation.

We had lots of family and neighbors helping with the reception set-up, decor and food as well as helping Aunt Betty to pack her moving van. All the Wilson sisters (and sisters-in-law) made dozens of pom poms to hang in the serving tent.

The work in progress.

Final touches.

During the preparations, we had a scare when Grandpa Wilson (who has early Alzheimer's) did not return from his morning walk. Search parties were sent out, but as the hours passed, it became difficult not to abandon the reception preparations altogether. Several prayers were said, and Grandma assured us that she felt at peace and knew he would be alright (though she worried he would be shaken).

Our prayers were heard and answered. My Dad had to take my younger brother to get a physical for school (which had been due the day before). The clinic was in North Orem, several miles from our house. When they walked inside-- there was Grandpa, sitting in the waiting room! He later told us he had distinctly felt that he should return to that building. When he had entered another part of the building, he felt that something was wrong and then made his way to the waiting room where my Dad and brother arrived just a few minutes later-- more than six hours after Grandpa left the house that morning.

We felt very grateful that he was safe, and that the Lord helped us to find him before the reception. I am grateful that the communication of the Holy Ghost is not hindered by a failing memory. Jeni and Aunt Chris also wrote about the events and blessings of that day. (The picture below was taken by my cousin Natalie at Sunday dinner, after the reception.)

The actual reception was wonderful. I didn't get any pictures because I was enjoying the company! It was great to see so many neighbors, friends and family in one place. I enjoyed visiting with cousins, playing with my nieces and nephew, seeing my best friend from home who popped in after she put her kids to bed, and talking with my Aunt Christy as the festivities died down.

Spending time with family is the best part of living "the sweet life".

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

San Francisco Wedding

This handsome couple is officially married. The wedding doubled as a great excuse for a family trip to San Francisco. (Hint hint, Craig, I think you should try to marry someone from Europe-- so we can go back.)We spent time with Aisling's family the day before the wedding. We met at the Oakland Temple. (I almost made Bryan late for Aisling's endowment session when we missed an exit, but we made it JUST in time.)

After the session, everyone met at Italian Colors to visit over a good dinner.

We threw the resturant for a loop when everyone ordered the same thing. It took them longer than expected to prepare, so they brought out free pizza and calamari as appetizers. (Emily is trying to prop up the pizza wih her fork.)

After dinner I (finally) got to go pick-up Kelly from the airport. Vacation is not as fun if he doesn't get to enjoy it with me!

The wedding was beautiful. Attending a wedding is always a good reminder, but this time the experience was especially poingant. I felt so blessed to be part of an eternal family. Particularlly the family of Kara and Kelly Peterson! The blessings we receive through the eternal covenants we've made FAR exceed our comprehension.

A beaming new bride! She is so beautiful.

This is my favorite picture of the bride and groom. --A wedding from the perspective of a toddler. Caleb is deeply absorbed in his animal crackers.

Sisters. Those of us that were not bridesmaids (our married status disqualifies us as 'maids'), recyled the matching skirts from my wedding. They were a perfect match to the rest of the wedding.
Kelly looks great, sporting his new suit and tie.

We had an especially long photo session, which turned into a fun time to observe my nieces and nephews playing together.

Kylee and Caleb. This isn't a great picture of it, but Leslie made the darling bowties for Caleb and Eli.

Madelyn, Evelyn and Kylee enjoying being together.

Yes, running on the temple grounds.

Kelly and I forgot our camera on Day 3, so this is the end of the photo journalism. Don't feel any obligation to keep reading!
For the record. . .

- Jeni and I went thrift shoping in the morning and saw LOTS of laundries.
- We met the family at Golden Gate Park, after trying to park for nearly an hour!
- Suzie, Kelly and I found lunch and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.
- We met the family at Muir Woods and went for a gorgeous hike. Dad accidently paid for Bryan and Aisling, who were on their honeymoon!
- Dad took us to Il Fornio for dinner. I know it's a luxury, but I REALLY LOVE a fancy dinner.

- We went to sacrament meeting in San Ramon and enjoyed being part of a "family" with the Gaskin kids at church.
- Kelly and I crammed in a few last activities. We went to the De Young Museum, drove past the Piers, got lunch at the Ferry Building and hit the airport.