Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas 2008

It's hard to belive the holidays are already over. We thoroughly enjoyed visiting with family and spending some extra time at home together.

Kelly and I celebrated Christmas in Utah with my family. Although this was our second Christmas together, I was very excited to share some of the Wilson family traditions with Kelly for the first time. Christmas breakfast is the tradition that is uniquely Wilson. I've posted about the history here a few years back.

This year we focused on the gifts we can give to our Savior, and the fact that His birth was a gift to the world. I love the scripture that we hung on gold organza above the doorway-- "Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift."

Each of the wrapped gifts on the plates held a miscellaneous item from the house. After eating, we shared what "gift" might be represented by our object-- something we could give to the Savior. (This is a variation on a game called "grab" that we used to play during family scriptures some mornings. Good memories!)

Playing in the snow on Christmas afternoon.

A couple of great portraits!
My sister Emily is 10 and growing fast. She's the baby in our family but watching her growing up reminds the rest of us that we must not be kids anymore!

My neice Madeline is 4 and camera shy.

We hope you all enjoyed your holidays as much as we did!


Nancy said...

Awesome pictures! I'll have to read up on your tradition. Love the gold doilies.

Chris said...

I always enjoy seeing the Wilson girls' creative table settings.
What a wonderful way to focus on the real gift of Christmas

Rachel said...

That would have been fun to have you at the shower! But duty calls I guess! :) It was fun to see your mom though.