Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wonderfully Long Weekend

We had a great holiday weekend with my brother Bryan and his then girlfriend, now fiance Aisling (pronounced: Ash-ling)!

Kelly and I celebrated Valentines a day early. We enjoyed indian take-out as our first meal in our new house. On Saturday, Kelly and I babysat for our friends from work/church, while Bryan and Aisling celebrated Valentines on the strip. (No, Bryan did not propose on Valentines at the strip in Las Vegas!)

On Sunday afternoon, we drove out to Red Rock and hiked around for a bit-- in spite of a cold wind. Bryan and Aisling had forgotten their real camera, so I played paparazzi so that they would have a few pictures from the trip that weren't taken by a camera-phone.

On Monday, we went to check out a cactus nursery at Aisling's suggestion. It was quite fun, even in the rain! We brought the dog, who loved exploring the acres of smells and following around the other 5 or 6 dogs, a couple cats and a pig that were running around the place. Cactus Joes will definitely be on our list of "Las Vegas" places to take future visitors.

Yesterday, Bryan called to tell me that he and Aisling are officially engaged! (They probably decided to get married because they saw how much fun Kelly and I are having!) We are thrilled to be welcoming the 4th in-law into the Wilson family.


Karen said...

Well that is exciting news. Congrats to them. I was going to ask/comment on his FB status last week
( What happens to me in Vegas is open for casual discussion) but didn't ever do it.

vinestreet said...

That is great! Bryan looks so grown up. I guess he is....! :)

How was Del Sol?

Jeni said...

I like the first pic of Kelly and Enzo-- nice composition with the surrounding red rock.
Oh, and can I have a cactus too?

vine street said...

time for a new post!!!!

Ian and Makenna James said...

Yeah! I'm glad I found your blog! it looks like you've had so much fun and have done some HUGE things! like buy a house and get that beautiful dog etc. I was surprised to hear of Bryan's engagement (and very pleased). hope to see you sooner than later! love from NYC