Monday, June 29, 2009

Utah Reception

This is a "catch-up" post. I took a trip up to Utah in early June for Bryan and Aisling's Utah reception. My Mom did a lot of work and planning on her own for this one! So, I was glad that Jeni and I could both come to help with the implementation.

We had lots of family and neighbors helping with the reception set-up, decor and food as well as helping Aunt Betty to pack her moving van. All the Wilson sisters (and sisters-in-law) made dozens of pom poms to hang in the serving tent.

The work in progress.

Final touches.

During the preparations, we had a scare when Grandpa Wilson (who has early Alzheimer's) did not return from his morning walk. Search parties were sent out, but as the hours passed, it became difficult not to abandon the reception preparations altogether. Several prayers were said, and Grandma assured us that she felt at peace and knew he would be alright (though she worried he would be shaken).

Our prayers were heard and answered. My Dad had to take my younger brother to get a physical for school (which had been due the day before). The clinic was in North Orem, several miles from our house. When they walked inside-- there was Grandpa, sitting in the waiting room! He later told us he had distinctly felt that he should return to that building. When he had entered another part of the building, he felt that something was wrong and then made his way to the waiting room where my Dad and brother arrived just a few minutes later-- more than six hours after Grandpa left the house that morning.

We felt very grateful that he was safe, and that the Lord helped us to find him before the reception. I am grateful that the communication of the Holy Ghost is not hindered by a failing memory. Jeni and Aunt Chris also wrote about the events and blessings of that day. (The picture below was taken by my cousin Natalie at Sunday dinner, after the reception.)

The actual reception was wonderful. I didn't get any pictures because I was enjoying the company! It was great to see so many neighbors, friends and family in one place. I enjoyed visiting with cousins, playing with my nieces and nephew, seeing my best friend from home who popped in after she put her kids to bed, and talking with my Aunt Christy as the festivities died down.

Spending time with family is the best part of living "the sweet life".


leslie the licorice stick lady said...

That was a great time and the work you guys put in really showed.

Pssst! You or Jeni NEED to blog about Canada! I didn't get to go and haven't seen pictures or heard any stories pressure though. :)

April said...

That is an amazing story about your grandfather. Wow, chills...then tears, and then a strengthened testimony...thanks for sharing!

vinestreet said...

What a great post. Even though I don't know your grandfather, the story was so touching to me. I'm so glad that the Spirit can guide us despite physical challenges, when necessary.