Monday, October 26, 2009

For the Record

In case it's not clear, I am stating for the record that my blog header is purposefully over-the-top. My intent for this blog is to celebrate all the things that are sweet in my life, and the gooey sweetness of the picture sums it up quite neatly!

Of course, all is not sugar and spice, but keeping my perspective centered on the blessings is the point.

Several months ago, on the verge of a difficult season I didn't know was coming, Kelly gave me a blessing promising that I would look back on this time as a season of joy. The seeming contradiction of the blessing has helped me to recognize the Lord's tender mercies as He has calmed my troubled heart in the midst of difficulties and shown me that I am richly blessed in all the ways that actually matter.

I started writing this post just to tell you that I know my blog header is cheesy. But as I tried to pinpoint why I haven't taken my cheesy header down (even though I've created a couple of good replacements) I realized that it reminds me that, although life is not always sweet, "the sweet life" is always available. It is a gift of the spirit that is available in abundance when I keep life in in the right perspective.


dwilson said...

Kara,thanks so much for your post. Yesterday we had an FHE about gratitude because we've been complaining about how crazy, mixed-up, & demanding, our lives are right now. We needed to see the sweet side of life.

I have a constant need to remind myself about the beautiful & meaningful things in life or else I can be quickly jaded or desensitized to kindness/hope- Scary.

Miyazaki, a Japanese animation director, said something to the effect of "I am aware that sadness, despair, rage, and other heavy feelings are real and part of all of our lives, but I tell the stories that help me see the other side because that's where I want to live."

Thanks for your sweet life.

vinestreet said...

I, for one, love your header. Blogs (in my opinion) should be what we need and want them to be, they only need to tell what we'd like them to tell. Some people complain that blogs give a false, too-good-to-be true view of a person's life. I tend to think that a blog is a creative outlet where you can document the parts of your life that you choose to--among other things. A blog doesn't have to be your journal where you share the bad and ugly parts of your life.