Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Catching Up from Christmas

We had a wonderful and busy Christmas season this year. I am making this my week to catch-up and document events from the end of 2009.

We spent the first few days of the Christmas break in Eugene, OR at Mom and Dad Peterson's house with Scott (Kelly's brother) and Tessa, April (Kelly's sister) and Mitch and Zander (the only grandchild between the three of us).

I'm not sure what Kelly did on Christmas Eve, but I enjoyed 'girl time' with April, Tessa and Mom finishing presents, making a last-minute trip to Michaels, wrapping gifts and helping with Christmas Eve dinner (the Peterson family tradition).

On Christmas morning, Zander was the man of the hour and didn't know what to do with the attention of 6 aunts and uncles and grandma and grandpa all at the same time! He didn't even notice his little tent filled with presents, but was more than happy to dive in to check it out once April pointed it out.

Kelly and I should have discussed the specifics of the "small" Christmas we planned to ensure we were on the same page! His small Christmas included:
- slippers, a fun book, a church book, a fully supplied/decorated guest bathroom (this was more of a gesture than a gift because he had requested that I get around to it several times) and fancy swiss hot chocolate and english toffee.

My "small" Christmas included:
- a creme brulee torch, a cute corduroy jacket, two layering tank tops, a necklace with matching earings and a garmin. Wow!

Maybe we'll just call the new mountain bike he wants to get part of Christmas!

Part II of the holiday posts to follow soon.

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