Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines with Buck Jr.

I got Kelly one of these for Valentine's Day. Pretty romantic, eh?
He'd rather have an actual trophy on the wall, but I can't get that for him! (He wants to shoot it himself, with his own gun.) These are all things that I have always been adamantly NOT interested in. No guns in my house, thank you very much!

Believe it or not, this is where the romance comes in. . .

I went to my friend Lissa's house to see her new baby. Along with that cute, dark-headed baby boy, she has a trophy head and a gun already hanging up on her wall. We laughed about the things we never would have expected to be part of marriage. Who knew that 'happily-ever-after' might include a few trophy heads. Sure, I expected compromise-- just not guns!

I appreciate that Kelly goes out of his way to create my brand of happiness too. I'm sure he never pictured himself springing for a pretty vintage apron, or buying arranged flowers when they seem like such a waste compared to a plant-- with roots-- that won't die next week.

I love being married to Kelly!

I hope you enjoyed a happy Valentines Day, and maybe even some"romance"--- whatever that word means to you!

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vinestreet said...

Men have got to have an adventure...even if it's hunting. :)

I like the story and the valentines too!

We went to see 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. I'd never seen it before in my life, so it was fun.