Saturday, November 15, 2008

First Day of Thanksgiving

I’m kicking off a holiday series I call the “12 Days of Thanksgiving”. Feel free to participate by making your own lists.

1. Kelly

Of course Kelly is at the top of my list! Here are a few reasons why:

A few more reasons:
* Makes me popcorn and/or smoothies on Sunday nights.
* Keeps flowers blooming at my feet—literally.
* Runs with things—for example:
~I say I want to learn letterpress, he transports a press from Boise!
~I bring home a couple succulents from my sister’s yard, he fills our home with lovely, interesting succulents (we’re up to 8 planters).
~I say I want a dog I can run with, he researches to find the perfect breed for us and learns all about them.
* Loves to attend the temple.
* Notices people and things he can do for them. Then does it.
* Enjoys being with kids more than anyone I know
* Does the laundry (Yesterday he folded a queen-sized bed full of laundry 1 foot deep. We were behind!)
* Maintains my car.
* Worries about me.
* Knows how to make me laugh—and does!
* Calls me to meet for lunch every now and then.

Kelly is the numero uno thing that I am grateful for!

1 comment:

Jeni said...

That was a good number one-- it sounds like my sister is well taken care of, and that is one thing I am grateful for.

ps.. I like that you included the pic of Nathaniel and Kelly :-)
your montage gives a nice panoramic view of Kelly for the rest of us who are not so in the know.