Sunday, November 16, 2008

Second Day of Thanksgiving

1. Kelly
2. Family


The rest of the family takes a close second to Kelly. We love them (even if I don't have any good pictures on hand!)

We are getting the best of both worlds for Thanksgiving-- we're driving to Boise to be with Kelly's family, but stoping in Utah on the way up and back. -Just wish we would get to see everyone.

We are so blessed to have TWO great families.
* Mine is young and still growing up.
* Kelly's is older and provides a good example to follow.
* We have 8 fiesty nephews and 4 beautiful nieces.
* We have 4 amazing parents that are an inspiration and support to us in many ways.
* We've got most of the western United States covered-- and one casting the net wide in Michigan!

We LOVE you Petersons, Wilsons, Gaskins, Johnsons and McDonalds!!

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Jeni said...

um... so what is with the picture? Do us justice!