Friday, December 12, 2008

Thankful for Christmas

I could call this a fifth day of Thanksgiving, because I have always been so very thankful for Christmas! I love Christmas and can't wait for the season to start each year. The music, the tree and the rest of the trimmings all contribute to the spirit of rejoicing in "the good news," reverence for our Savior and good will toward men.

Kelly surprised me by putting the Christmas tree up before I got home from work on the Monday after Thanksgiving. It took me 4 days to get it fluffed and decorated (even with the pre-strung lights) because the week was so busy with our house search and long work hours!

I LOVE my Christmas tree. It turned out gorgeous this year! The rest of our Christmas decor is somewhat lacking this time around, but the tree makes up for it all.

We inherited the tree from our friend Mary that Kelly does work for on the weekends. They had out grown it, but you can see that it hits our ceiling! We will enjoy this tree through many holidays to come.


Nancy said...

Pretty tree! Pretty decorations on the tree! Go Kara, go.
Merry Christmas!

Kelly P said...

Um, what about me? I put the tree up, Nancy. Rude. :)