Saturday, November 14, 2009


Sean and Chase Peterson were baptised two weekends ago, on November 7. Kelly and I were lucky enough to be there, along with most of the family. The boys had it all planned out -- one was baptized first, and the other was confirmed first. The near-scalding hot water in the font will definitely make theirs a memorable day. (It's like they were baptized by fire twice!)

Congratulations Sean and Chase!

So, I'm still the newest member of the Peterson family and during the trip I noticed that I shied away from taking pictures of the adults. (Kelly's intense dislike of having his picture taken just might have something to do with this!) But I have lots of picture of the cute Peterson kids as follows. . .

These cute kids are ready for pizza!

Since he was sitting at the head of the table and had a crowd watching, Will decided to put on a show.

He learned this dance from Kung Fu Panda. His older brothers (and Dad) get a kick out of it!

Uh oh, here comes Dad.

Tate and cousin Misti.

Tyler loves her new braces!

Since I'm relatively new to the family, it is fun to spend time together and be there for important events. I might have missed the twin's first six years, but I was there for their baptism!

When I think of my own extended family, I don't think of the in-law aunts and uncles as add-on's. (Even those who's weddings I remember.) They are just part of the family. I don't feel out of place in the Peterson family, (on the contrary, they are great at making me feel welcome) but it's good to know that I won't always feel "new." And each opportunity to spend time together makes me feel less brand-new.

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vinestreet said...

I think that feeling of fitting in so smoothly to a new family must be wonderful!! I have to admit, I still feel like an extra after four and a half years. I'm positive it isn't intentional, it's....I don't is just still very awkward. I agree with you---never mind about those first six years, you got to see them join the Church!!