Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two Things I Love Today

Thing I Love No. 1- Sarah's House

Sarah's House is the best home design show on television.

It's beautiful. Sarah is so talented and likeable. She shops second-hand and at Ikea. Tommy is hillarious (thanks to Tommy, even Kelly enjoys watching it). And best of all, Sarah's sense of style is completely in-line with mine.

Here are several Sarah's House images that couldn't be more perfect.

Thing I Love No. 2- Ross Dress for Less

Speaking of home design, I went to Ross today and saw so many tasteful, well-designed home pieces that were 100% affordable.

Here's what I spied at Ross today-

Fantastic rug- $8

Pretty Frame- $6

Beautifully shapped vase- $6

Art that I would actually hang in my house- $13

And pretty glass beads that I couldn't resist!


Rachel said...

I love that you're into this stuff. I love it too and reading your blog inspires me!

Scott said...

Looks like your got some fun things! I am especially digging that zebra print rug. And, those yellow curtains in the Sarah's house photo are so pretty. Thanks for sharing!

vinestreet said...

Wow. I love all of the pictures! I can't wait until I am good at...tastefully designing a home. How the heck do you learn how to do that, anyway? I've got a square glass vase full of artificial cherries on my kitchen table. After I did that, my mind got stuck and I have no idea what to do next. Need help.

April said...

So this Sarah person MUST NOT have children!! Her house is AMAZING! Either that, or they are hidden somewhere else, like in a basement or something!!!

Love the Ross finds! Way to go!!

kh said...

Take me to this Ross!

And, yes, I LOVE Sarah's House. LOVE it. And Tommy...he cracks me up. It's my must see tv!